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Swtor nar shaddaa star cluster casino

Personal grudges and cutthroat competition can result in two rival clans warring in the streets one day and feasting together the next.
The event itself is very simple, and involves spending credits on slot machine tokens, just like at a real casino.
Go around the corner to your right and enter the elevator and click the (Access Tunnels) option.
Go right, then make the first left into the Transit Hub Corridor.
Empire, receive: Strength 3, area: Network Access, coordinates: 1996, 2485.Was this guide helpful?At the Maintenance Override Console, select 326:3827 (the 2nd number down) to open the door.Its easy to spot, just time your jump.

Personality: Watcher X suffers from an inability to control his own intellect, compulsively analyzing situations and studying even the most unlikely outcomes.
FQN: perial_industrial_sector network_access, network Access, as the technological heart of the galaxy, Nar Shaddaa is home to Network Access, a vital HoloNet hub that governs all HoloNet operations on Nar Shaddaa and much of Hutt Space.
At the top, look right and climb onto the pipes attached to the wall.
Although a lot of the prizes you can win from the slot machines are very cool, a majority of them can be found as different versions in other parts of the game, and will likely return the next time the event rolls by, so dont.Although individuals from many planets and species live in the Corellian Sector, it's humans of Corellian descent who made the area what it is today: a pro-Republic criminal's paradise.Its strength is matched only by its resilience and keen senses, and it is a favorite target of big game hunters and a featured attraction in gladiatorial arenas galaxy-wide.Most documented Gen'Dai encounters involve these rogue individuals, giving the species a somewhat unfavorable and undeserved reputation for viciousness.Despite their resilience, Gen'Dai typically wear heavy armor to give structure to their sinewy, boneless forms.Codex entries locations club_vertica_casino, club Vertica Casino, on a world full of bright lights and glamorous casinos, Club Vertica was quick to establish itself as an exclusive experience.In addition to the expected slave markets and auction houses, entrepreneurs have built up an entire business infrastructure to facilitate the practice of buying and selling living beings as property.Go left after the walkway to find more boxes which you can follow up onto pipes.What are my chances of winning?Faction: Neutral : Controlled by the Hutts, levels: 20 - 24 location: Hutt Space, status: Nar Shaddaa has profited greatly from the war, rampant crime, and chaos terrain: Vast cityscape, ranging from neon towers to squalid dens key facts: Due to the lack of regulation.Pearlescent Cruiser 15 Golden Certificate Decorations Achievements There is a hidden achievement for blowing up the slot machine.Achievement Description Points Misc Party Hard Purchased kalmar slott barn a Gamblers Mic Stand, Gamblers Bar, and Gambers Party Floor from a Casino prize vendor 25 pts Smugglers Machine Hammer the Machine Play Smugglers Luck slot machines 100 times 10 pts Payout Won a Kingpins Casino Chip.

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