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Pokken tournament dx blaziken moveset

Special Attackers in general still give Mega Mawile a tough time since its Special Defnese is decent at best, though thanks to its Special Defense boost it isn't as simple as hitting it with any decently powerful Special Attack.
Countering Mawile To keep things simple, Mawile is not difficult to counter at all.
However, that Mega Evolution is the entirety of Mawile's viability.Fire Blast may sound worthless given Mawile's awful Special Attack, but it's the strongest Fire-type move it gets which is useful for hitting Steel-types that otherwise wall it completely.Mawile fools the foe into letting down its guard, then chomps down with its massive jaws.Abilities Huge Power : The Pokmon's Attack stat is doubled while it has this ability.

While it only boasts an unimpressive 480 BST, Mega Mawile's stat boosts work wonders for its bulk even though its stuck with an awful base.
Play Rough is Mawile's best stab move and offers excellent neutral coverage, as well as a useful chance to lower the foe's Attack stat.
Impish nature boosts its Defense further and is more efficient than attempting to boost another stat.
Until we find out where all these Battle Tree trainers found their Mega Stones though, Mawile will have to wait before it can have fun with its incredible strength.The biggest downside to Mega Mawile is obviously that the Mega Stone is not currently obtainable, so it isn't even usable at the time of writing.This helps it avoid being a completely free switch for most threats as well.Impatience - lotto hessen online gewinnprüfung Play Rough - Iron Head - Fire Blast / Ice Punch - Sucker Punch, item Attached: Life Orb, ability : Sheer Force.This brings up a hub of each type showcasing type effectiveness as well as a list of all Pokmon of the types and moves of the type.Other Options - Baton Pass allows Mawile to escape from an anticipated bad switch-in, and prevents it from killing all momentum, though Mawile has a tough time fitting it in its moveset.

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